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First Date On: 11/30/2019 Last Date On: 12/29/2019

Once again we have a snow machine. Bring a few quarters to activate the snow machine. One quarter (25) provides approx. 38 seconds of snow.

The snow machine is a HUGE hit this year with young and old alike. Watch this video for the SNOW!

Press the RED button, watch Rudolph's nose blink and the three reindeer rock back and forth. Press the BLUE button and watch for smoke to billow out of the train's smokestack and listen to the train sounds, too. ALL BUTTONS ARE FREE

Press the GREEN button for a laser light show. A different show each time you press the button. The YELLOW button will make the JOY sign light up and play some music. ALL BUTTONS ARE FREE


5pm to 10pm daily thru the end of the year.It gets VERY CROWDED in December, particularly on weekends. Plan accordingly!

According to San Francisco CBS Television and Radio" Don't skip this fabulous facade on Knottingham Circle, featuring a mix of old school decor and modern green lighting. Santas and more are mixed in with the latest in LED lighting and technology. This display, a favorite stop of Santa, will wow kids and adults alike. Seems like the folks on Knottingham Circle don't want global warming to melt Santa's workshop."

This display is a mixture of old school and modern lighting. Several dozen old fashioned blow mold snowmen, Santas, etc mixed in with the roof help Santa land at the "right" house, hand built and painted Nativity scene greet you.

A large "Holiday Train" was rewired during the winter of 2009 to use LEDs instead of mini-lights (saving about 300 watts by itself). In 2013 I rewired the wheel lights from incandescent to LED, and replaced the broken chaser circuit. Original out-of-the-box wattage was 442 watts . This train now runs on a more lean 40 watts.

LEDs have helped substantially in reducing electrical costs. Many items are unique including the hand made PEACE ON EARTH sign, the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign and the Peace sign.

Check out the wood carved 6 foot Santa at the front door. Ten foot "mega trees" with hundreds of lights grace the two sides of this majestic display.

A synchronized light show and music on 107.9 FM.

NEW FOR 2013 - a homemade 8 foot tall Star of Bethlehem on the top peak of the house. The LEDs use only 1% of the wattage compared to standard C9 incandescent bulbs in the original design! Also, for 2013 is a vintage Santa sleigh with all 9 reindeer. Rudolph's nose is a nice bright red!

NEW FOR 2014 - 8 foot candy canes on each side of driveway, along with a 12 foot tall arch spanning the three car garage driveway! Blowmolds repainted and they look great! Super bright screw-in C9 LEDs replace the first generation LEDs along the eaves. These new C9 LEDs are as bright as the old fashioned C9 incandescent bulbs, but energy efficient. New C7 LEDs replace the mini-incandescent lights in the landing lights / runway on the roof. New bright twinkling LED star and snowflakes on the roof as well. Virtual Santa visits the upstairs room! Smoke comes out the smokestack of the large train December 20-25. This display was the Light-O-Rama Category 1 National Winner in 2014.

NEW FOR 2015 - Another homemade feature of 20 candy canes arranged in a circle playing out 65 patterns of light. Look for it towards the top left of the house, high above the chimney. Also homemade, the "Dourov Starburst" comprised of meteor lights set in a starburst pattern, above the NOEL sign. Many new Christmas trees of various sizes and styles, all dancing to music with LEDs. Homemade JOY sign. A penguin igloo shimmering with LEDs. Several more Blisslights lighting up the trees along the perimeter of the house. Meteor Shower lights added to the 29 foot arch spanning the 3 car driveway, new blow molds, an all new cool set of Multi - Colored LED Light Tubes bordering the front window, new LED Christmas Trees, Dual Color LED Gift Boxes, Strobes, Countdown to Christmas sign and more!

Virtually anything and everything that was incandescent and could be converted to LED was done so over the summer and fall. For instance, the NOEL sign was 250 watts before, and now down to 40 watts. The display is now approx 85% LEDs, leaving only a few features that can only look good with incandescent / twinkling effects. Wattage reduced by 1,539 watts from last year by converting most of the display to LED. Huge savings.

Finally, after 15 years of procrastination, my wife's dream of having a full set of manger scene cutouts is finally a reality. Even Jesus, Mary and Joseph were redone (after 15 years of use) and will be joined by three wise men, 3 shepherds, two sheep and a donkey. Twenty three year old cutouts of Santa, Mrs, Rudolph, Frosty and elves were also redone, and the old ones recycled. Check out the wreaths and twinkling snow flakes set back towards the rear of the house on both side.

NEW FOR 2016 - After many years of faithful service, the 6 channel Mr. Christmas animated light show (with kitbashed FM sound) was retired in favor of a brand new 48 channel Light-O-Rama system with a new higher powered FM stereo transmitter. Let it Snow! A new on demand, coin (25) operated snow machine has been placed into service to "snow" upon the penguin igloo and North Pole region of the display. An electronic picture frame previews the other great displays in the area. SNOW !!!! Yes, we have "snow" Artificial snow, but still lots of fun.

Bring a few quarters to activate the snow machine! One quarter provides approx. 20 seconds (38 seconds for 2018/2019) of "snow."

New interactive displays: Push the blue button to hear train sounds and to get some smoke from the smokestack of the train, or push the red button to watch Rudolph's nose flash (can you figure out what Rudolph is "saying"? )

NEW FOR 2017 - How about those 6 foot tall letters that spell out JOY! Pressing the Yellow button will make the JOY sign light up and play some music. Press the Green button for a laser light show. A different show each time you press the button. ALL BUTTONS ARE FREE A set of computer controlled Really Big Lights on the uphill side property line dance and swing (with help from Mother Nature) to the music. Many new songs that are synchronized to the lights (or are the lights synched to the music?). Many new snowflakes on the roof, and debuting this year, a 3 dimensional Dourov Starburst! At least a dozen new blow molds join the show this year. Our display had gotten so large that its has encroached onto the neighbor's yard (with their permission). The snowman near the mailbox was going to be discarded by another neighbor. The 400 incandescent white lights at 192 watts were removed and replaced in the scarf, arms and hat areas only with 125 LED lights plus an LED kaleidoscope in the base instead of a bunch of white lights. Now running at a comfortable 10 watts. I also relamped the three "flying" reindeer and its sleigh, reducing overall wattage from 394 watts to 45 watts. The reindeer still have 10 mini incandescent lamps on the antlers, that consume as much wattage as the 18 feet of LED rope light on the reindeer body. A fellow displayer in Modesto made a really nice LET IT SNOW! sign for us. The letters are approx 18 inches tall and it has a length of 12 feet and is prominently placed above where the snow is discharged.

NEW FOR 2018 - 36 inch tall "old fashioned looking bubblers". New (rewired in LED) Star of Bethlehem above the manger.

NEW FOR 2019 - Oh, where do I even begin? There are approx. 35 or so new elements to the display: for starters there are new tree toppers, neon lights not found anywhere else, and a new white pushbutton with which YOU control what is displayed in the backyard. An assortment of vintage and antique items join the others on the porch. Two new snowflakes added to roof, two white/blue 3D starbursts added - one to each side of the house. Old wireframe reindeer were restored with LEDs, a smaller holographic train was acquired and added to the display too. One mega tree was rewired with new generation of LEDs so it looks better than before! Several homemade one-of-a-kind decorations were built over the summer and added.

LAST DAY for Virtual Santa is December 24th.

This MUST SEE house is a featured stop / attraction on the Concannon Vineyard / Livermore Wine Trolley Lights of Livermore Holiday Tour: (with Audio) (with Audio)

This house's Virtual Santa is a HUGE hit with the kids (and adults alike): (NO Audio) (with Audio)

This house is a popular stop for the Livermore Police Department, too: (NO Audio)