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First Date On: 11/25/2017 Last Date On: 1/1/2018

Some people who make a stop at the corner of Castellana and Montieri streets to observe the Zaas residence are at a loss for words, others use multiple superlatives to describe what Ken Zaas, a control systems tech for the California Department of Water Resources has done. This Christmas, the Zaas house has been transformed into what can only be termed an extravaganza of light and sound. Words such as 'astounding', 'beautiful', 'cool', and 'amazing' are uttered by some who visit, while one person from the younger generation blurted out, "Woah!!! Thats just SICK!" which apparently is a very high compliment coming from the younger set.

What Mr. Zaas has put together really IS quite amazing. Every half hour from 5:30 to 9:30 PM his home becomes a light show timed to music which is broadcast on low power at 94.3 FM. Constructing this extravagant display has taken Mr. Zaas, (along with members of his family and his helper Henry Gutierrez), many months to set up. Thousands upon thousands of lights dance to music selections ranging from the Trans Siberian Orchestra to a tune called "Santa's Got A Hot Rod". There is also a patriotic 'poem' about Santa's Christmas encounter with a US soldier that is quite touching.

The wonderful shows can be experienced every 30 minutes at 349 Castellana Street.

2013 update We currently have over 60,000 lights including 2000 RGB lights outlining the house. We still have around 60 blow molds and wire frame yard decorations. And yes it is all Synchronized to music with 18 songs playing in a 1 hour show. The show runs from 5:30PM to 10:00PM Sunday through Thursday and 5:30PM to 11:00PM Friday and Saturday.