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Los Banos Christmas Light Showcase
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First Date On: 11/25/2017 Last Date On: 1/1/2018

John Ciuffo's offering to Los Banos comes in the form of a home decorated with what he estimates at 30 thousand lights that are controlled by 7 Light-O-Rama boxes that send signals to 112 channels of lights. John is a Maintenance Technician For Comcast and his home flickers with light that is choreographed with one and a half hours of music that he broadcasts on a low power transmitter at 99.5 FM. In order to put together this display John has worked on such things as stringing lights and wrapping arches ever since the first part of October. Though Mr. Ciuffo does most of the work himself he notes that his son-in-law Manuel has helped out as well. When asked why he goes to all this effort John simply says "Cause I love it!" John goes on to joke, "My wife calls it a sickness but I call it a fascination." "I've always been fascinated with light since I was a little kid." he says. John's Christmas gift to Los Banos can be seen (and heard) at the 202 North Santa Clara street right at the corner of Willmont.

Display Hours 5:00PM till 10:00PM every night from now until New Years.

2017 update - most lights are now LED.