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First Date On: 11/24/2017 Last Date On: 1/1/2018

Not far from the corner of Persimmon Way and Plumb Court is the home of Penny and Carl Glick. For years the couple has been putting on a truly magnificent display that could have come right out of a Christmas movie. Around this time of year the couple places innumerable bears and other animals out in their front yard in a beautiful lighted displays that take up almost the whole side of their street! Setting up this magnificent Christmas tribute takes days and Carl and Penny enlisted the help of their son this year to get the beautiful display erected and ready for switching on right around Thanksgiving. It should come as little surprise the owner of The Country Duck, a pretty little shop downtown, would bring such decorating prowess to their neighborhood as well. Setting up what some people have come to call 'The Teddy Bear House' is quite time intensive. In fact, Carl told me that he took a week off of work in order to help Penny with the setup of this Los Banos favorite at 698 Plumb Court.

Santa is there 6-8 pm