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My house is the House of the Day for 11/26/2018

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Last Verified: 2018 Walking Neighborhood Return: To San Carlos Community Listings
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First Date On: 12/1/2018 Last Date On: 12/25/2018

Some photos our houses on Eucalyptus Avenue arecourtesy of Judi Seip - Coldwell BankerReal Estate, one of our volunteer roving photographers.

This display area is what I call a Walking Neighborhood! Park the car and go for a stroll!

One thing I find unique about this street is that every single house, except 1 house for the entire two blocks is decorated. Also, since the houses on the street were built primarily in 50's, it gives the street a very homey, quaint feel. On Saturdays and Sundays many of the residence of the street sit in their driveways with fire pits socializing and one house has a toy soldier by an archway that becomes a photo op for many visitors. A stroll down this street affords one the opportunity to have their picture taken sitting with the Grinch on a bench, aside a SUV pulled by lit up reindeer, behind Santa dreaming of Costa Rica come January and a with the backdrop of a house with the effect of snow falling.

The street is one way during December to help with traffic flow. The traffic flows from Orange Avenue, from the 1900 block towards the 2000 block.