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Last Verified: 2018 Return: To Citrus Heights Community Listings
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First Date On: 11/25/2018 Last Date On: 1/1/2019

Corner-lot home has clear icicle-lights hanging around entire house. Strands of clear lights outline all roof lines. Illuminated “Christmas Star” (on 12’ pole) and "Santa & Reindeer" mounted on roof. Multi-colored lights outline all windows, doors, and garage. Christmas scene projected on garage door. Garage door and front door wrapped in large red ribbons & bows. Net-lighting draped over all shrubs and bushes. Multi-colored light strands attached to candy-cane stakes are draped along walkways, driveway and split-rail fence surrounding front yard. Illuminated "Nativity Scene", inflatable characters and giant (7’ LED) snowman displayed in front yard. Ice-blue lights outline dry creek-bed landscaping and small bridge.

Numerous illuminated spiral-trees, reindeer, small snowmen and candy-canes displayed in yard and along walkways. Giant illuminated-wreath and twinkling “Merry Christmas” sign hung above garage door. Smaller wreaths hung on front door and other parts of house. Illuminated snowflakes, Christmas trees and candles are displayed on walls, fences and in windows. Various placards, banners, bows and other lights are located throughout the display.