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Last Verified: 2022 Light Show FM Broadcast Return: To Danville Community Listings
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First Date On: 11/25/2022 Last Date On: 12/31/2022

We are the McCollum Family. Brandon and Missy McCollum. My husband and I have been doing Christmas lighting for the last 18 years together. We spend all our time building and adding to our current display. Brandon codes the lights, and I (Missy) choreograph the display for months before we actually put it up.

Our main goal is to bring joy and uniqueness to the neighborhood. We enjoy including different types of music and try to be as colorful as possible. Our show begins at 5pm-10pm on weekdays and 5-12pm on weekends. The show lasts about 40 minutes, so you can always see something new. We have 4 talking faces and a matrix which can play videos and display unique lighting elements. We built and choreographed everything ourselves, so it's truly one of a kind.

We broadcast on 88.3 FM. You can see some of our designs here.