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First Date On: 11/23/2018 Last Date On: 1/1/2019

Here is a lovely Display that Tim has built to be interactive for Children. He spends many, many hours thinking up something new for the upcoming Holidays. It has carried over from one house to another and generation to generation with many added and new features. Children's reaction and action is delightful!!!! The display has many interactive items for children and adults alike.

Included in this display are: The Toy factory, Penguin Slide, Cookie Factory, Candy Cane Factory, Pond with small fish, Hot Air Balloon, Christmas Tree and last but not least the Train carrying bears and dolls to Toy Land.

Many friends, family and new made friends come year after year starting when they were once small, now sharing with their children and grandchildren. All waiting with bated breath to see what is new this year.

Children in and around the neighborhood come several times starting in November asking him "when will you open Tim, When"?

Tim has been in our local newspaper in the past. A YouTube video from 8 years ago is a great indication of the Old Display with many new added features.

We can hardly keep up with the cookie and candy cane factory and must get our elves working faster so each one that "cranks" the wheel for a treat can receive one. Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.