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First Date On: 12/1/2022 Last Date On: 1/2/2023

2022 ABCs The Great Christmas Light Contender

2022 update - we are celebrating “5 Sweet Years”, and have many special enhancements, and surprises that we can't wait to share with you all, and we encourage everyone to watch this seasons “ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight”, where our little gingerbread house will be featured among the top holiday displays in the USA!

VnA’s Gingy House is a bite-sized yet larger than life-sized Gingerbread House baked from scratch by its loving homeowners with hopes to satisfy the craving of peace, love and happiness for all.

Based on warm, magical childhood dreams and holiday light display memories, this unique contraption was created for an all-inclusive community in mind for good taste. Fresh out of the oven this year on November 30th, hundreds of families have already visited, including many from the elementary school a few houses down. Here, families will marvel at oversized lollipops, a mouthful of huge gummy bears, hard candies, dazzling lights, and of course a sugary gingerbread façade. A whimsical instrumental score sets the flavour for indulging visitors’ day or night using small hidden speakers. Don’t forget to wave “hello” to our very own mascot named “Kenji”. On special evenings, you might even receive candy, coloring sheets, or a button from the friendly chef featuring Kenji.

The secret ingredients consist of hand painted props out of recycled bowls, containers, pool noodles, Halloween pumpkin buckets, over 4,200 energy efficient LED lights, hardware and paint from local hardware stores, and recycled campaign signs from the new Suisun City Mayor, Lori Wilson. To top it off with a cherry on top, most of our lollipops dedicated to special individuals, and there are also re-dressed props that have been in the family for over 50 years. The current homeowners are children of the original homeowners built in the 1970’s. For the past 3 years, the magicians have also created family-friendly Halloween displays.

With the love of our sweet community, we are delighted with the support and cheer as the Gingy House inspired most of our neighborhood with festive displays for the first time in years. We are already dreaming of expansion and execute confection to perfection.

VnA’s Gingy House is ready to serve M-F 9am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-10pm until Saturday, January 5th* with nightly "De-LIGHT-ful Countdowns" at 6pm.

The display is open to visits rain or shine, however harsh weather (15mph winds or higher will close the display for safety).

*operating times may change without notice, please message or follow the VnA’s Gingy House Facebook (above).