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Last Verified: 2017 Light Show FM Broadcast
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First Date On: 11/24/2017 Last Date On: 1/1/2018

Starting with the large arch that spans the street, as you go through the arches spanning the sidewalk, you will be amazed by the many reindeer, trees, the flock of hockey playing penguins, the animated train, topped with a sparkling star atop the house.

Starting at 5:30p,, and on every half hour after that, there is an musical light show where the entire yard and large arch come alive with the beats to the music. If it is cold, windy and rainy, you can hear the music in your car if you set your radio to 89.1FM. Last show runs at 10:00pm, maybe longer as we approach the big day.

The 2 houses across the street are also decorated and one of them has a vintage 1965 Red Volkswagen Bug being “pulled” by Reindeer.