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First Date On: 12/1/2018 Last Date On: 1/1/2019

There are over 70,000 lights. Our display is a colorful theme of penguins and reindeer surrounded by lights and elements that dance to the music. The lights are synchronize to 22 songs which provide approximately 1.5 hours of entertainment, They are controlled by a few hundred controls.

The hours of operation are from 5:30 pm to 10 pm on Sunday thru Thursday and 5:30 to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Most Fridays and Saturdays we will be passing out candy canes. There is a FM transmitter so you can see the show from the comfort of your heated car. It is tuned to 107.9 FM. If you desire to walk about, the sound is broadcast on stereo speakers from 5:30 PM until 10:00 PM.

After 10:00 PM broadcast only.

Please be courteous to our neighbors and others enjoying the show and turn off the car lights when arriving, parking, and loud music (roll up windows if there is a need to crank it up.)

Additional Drone Video: