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Last Verified: 2018 Return: To Sacramento Community Listings
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First Date On: 12/1/2018 Last Date On: 12/31/2018

The display has an eclectic nature. The left of the walkway to the house, and the right side of the lawn are inflatable garden areas. The front doors are framed with a candy cane theme light wrap around porch columns and over the front door, with lit packages, Santa, Tree, and smaller figures. The house wall has lighted wreaths and flashing snowflakes with two lighted wreaths on the double entry doors.

The main yard has a blue sea with a white island featuring animated deer, and sleigh all in white lights. And behind that, a 7' Ferris wheel and 15' hot air balloon. The front entry walk is framed in lights, with lit Santa's boots leading to the big balloon. The front rose garden and right side are multi-color lights, leading to a tree with giant multicolor lights and inflatable giant ornaments. The roof is framed in multi colored lights, with multiple Santa, Snow Man, and Nutcracker 3D figures. The open roof areas feature a 9' peace symbol and a 9' green and red Christmas Tree and Santa taking off down the roof in his twin engine plane. All told there in are probably in excess of five thousand lights but I have never really counted.