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Last Verified: 2018 Light Show FM Broadcast
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First Date On: 11/23/2018 Last Date On: 1/5/2019

For the 2018 season the Nelsons North Pole is featuring 11 Light o Rama controllers with a total of 176 channels. We have nearly 60,000 lights up this year. Our crown jewel on the roof is the 22 foot mega tree with 3800 lights, we have added 4-15 foot arches over our driveway, with 48 channels and almost 5000 lights. There are 2-8 channel chasing arches with 1000 lights and 8-3 channel trees with 7200 lights. We have classic wire frame animals and many other trees including a 12 foot mini mega tree with 16 channels. There is over 50 strings of lights on the roof.

Brand new to us this year will be 2 snow machines that will run Friday and Saturday night. Many ornaments and candy canes all about and let's not forget Snoopy and Woodstock at center stage, who are making there 20th season debut.

Like our friends at California Christmas Lights.

Due to the recent 2017 and 2018 wild fires, we will be host to a Redwood Food Bank donation barrel. Please consider a small donation.

Our show takes nearly 100 hours to put up with all hands on deck. We dual broadcast over speakers and transmit on 88.1 FM. Our show's grand opening night is 11-22-18 and will run through 1-5-19, lights on nightly from 5pm -10pm and Friday and Saturday from 5pm -11pm.

Like The Nelsons North Pole on Facebook an Instagram @nelsonsnorthpole