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My house is the House of the Day for 11/28/2018

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Sanchwold Holiday Lights
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First Date On: 11/24/2018 Last Date On: 12/31/2018

Thank you for visiting Sanchwold Holiday Lights Show. 2018 is our 6th year of making our lights dance to music. Our light count increased a bit this year from last year again. With the largest fixture of LED Christmas lights going to our 10' Mega tree, onsisting of 1,120 Red LED M6 lights and 1,120 Green LED M6 lights.

This year we have a total of 17,400 lights. We have 8 songs this year with some great voice overs between songs. Besides our Mega Tree with are displaying, a wooden cut out of the Grinch, a wire frame of Santa that waves his hand, 9 wire frame snow flakes on the roof, 2 life size Toy soldiers, a wire frame snowman juggling presents and 2 - 7ft lite sticks with 700 lights each.

The show runs Sunday - Thursday 5:30 -9:30 and Friday - Saturday 5:30 - 10pm. Make sure you tune to FM 97.9 when arriving to the light show. If you don't mind the cool air at night, feel free to get out of your car, as we tend to play the show music at low volume outside. Shows start on the hour and half hour.

For more update please "Like" our facebook page or visit our website at

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