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Carlsbad mom helping Santa with mail
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First Date On: 12/5/2018 Last Date On: 12/25/2018

Full sized Santa mailbox Santa writes back to everyone. Christmas village, and a little vignette with snow friends. in the middle is the alleyway with the twinkling lights overhead, and then there is the sparkle castle, the Santa on the roof, the inflatable that snows inside, as well as giant candy canes. On the right is the angry birds inflatable and tree, a 6 foot tall camel, a banner with our family caricature, and in the back window are giant nutcrackers 4 feet tall with giant wreaths on either side. In the front of the house are the two wrapped trees and a big lighted Christmas village in a tank right on the sidewalk. Cookie monster always has a tin of cookies, the mailbox always has a tin of candy canes,

Lights go on from 6-10 every night. Santa's mailbox will be curbside from December 1st through the 23rd so Santa's elves have time to get the kids' letters from Santa to them before Christmas day.

The yearly community party will be outside on December 15 from 5:30pm-10pm with a special visit from Santa Clause himself. Crafts, bubbles, music, hot cocoa and mulled wine, and fresh spun cotton candy for everyone.

You can read a little about us in our Union Tribune article from last year,

Which has our awesome NEW photo that includes a picture of the mailbox.,amp.html

We have been on the map of lights for a few years, it's been great! Last year we had over 400 visitors for the party between 5 and 11pm (we ran late!), and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves!

Or on Youtube (although our display has been updated since this video was made by