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Last Verified: 2017 Return: To San Jose Community Listings
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First Date On: 11/24/2017 Last Date On: 12/26/2017

Display info/hours, etc.: Santa's Carnival: 23 animated inflatables and decorations with a carnival theme and over 10,000 lights. In the main yard is Santa's Carnival, which includes a Ferris wheel, carousel, tea cup ride, wheel of fun, a snow ball fight, whack-a-penguin, snowball toss, rocking horse, and helicopter ride. On the left of the garage is the "carnie" side, complete with a BBQ, camper, and outhouse for Santa!

Support Second Harvest Food Bank when you visit the display by donating a can of food.

The inflatables and decorations come to life at 8 am and go to sleep at 10pm. The lights and music begin at 5pm and go off at 10pm.