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My house is the House of the Day for 12/22/2018

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First Date On: 12/21/2018 Last Date On: 12/23/2018

In its 26th year, BETHLEHEM A.D. is a living re-creation of the village of Bethlehem on the night of the first Christmas. The public can walk through the village, interacting with the colorfully-costumed towns people who are cooking over fires, creating pottery, buying and selling items in the market place, and giving account of themselves to the census taker. Visitors can observe and mingle with Roman centurions on horseback while sages and scholars discussing scripture at the synagogue, wonder about the news that the Messiah has been born. Children especially love seeing the live sheep, camels, llamas, Brahma bulls, and donkeys wandering through the village. If you are careful, you might even spot the Three Wise men as they carry their gifts in search of the newborn King.


Bethlehem AD 2018 - This free living nativity runs for 3 nights from Dec. 21 through Dec.23, 6:00 to 9:30.
It takes about 15 minutes to walk-through. With homemade donuts and hot apple cider given - a gift from us.