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Last Verified: 2018 Light Show
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First Date On: 11/23/2018 Last Date On: 1/11/2019

Mattos Orchard Lights span over 30,000 Square feet of apricot trees. The display includes over 90,000 LED lights, which includes a 20-foot mega tree with a full light show, over 100 blow molds, and 9 inflatables.

The decorations make up the North Pole, Mickey and Friends North Pole, and a nativity scene. Santa and his reindeer fly from his runway with Nick and Amanda Elf are working the runway. The Carnival boasts fun games and J.R. Elf falling from his ladder. The Candy Shoppe is overflowing with candy canes, mints, lollipops, and more all being made by Faye Elf at the candy factory. The reindeer rest in Santa's Stable getting ready for their big day. The mega tree towers over the light testing area for the lite brite bulb factory. Watch out though! The Grinch is taking down Whoville’s Christmas decorations and is headed for The North Pole! But don't worry, the toy soldiers are protecting the North Pole! Hannah and Olivia Elf are making toys for Christmas morning, and the snow factory is working hard on getting the perfect colors for snowflakes for Christmas morning.

The North Pole post office is hard at work taken care of all the letters the Santa Karen and Cecelia Elf our hard at work making sure every kid that drops off the letter gets a letter back from Santa. Great Grandpa John, Grandpa John, Daddy John and little Johnny Elf are all working hard at Johnny’s Christmas Tree Farm. On the other side of the orchard Donald Duck is hard at work at his bakery, and Mickey Mouse is hanging out in his tree house club house.

Come take a stroll and enjoy the magic. There's plenty of parking!

Every Saturday night through December 21st drop off an unwrapped toy for the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Santa Paws Christmas event.

And don’t forget your return address on the letter to Santa just in case Santa has time to write back!